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Offenbach travel guide
It’s an unusual and beautiful town situated on the bank of the River Main. This is one of the greenest towns of the country as its southern part is completely occupied by forests. First mentions of Offenbach appeared in 977; at that time it was a small region, which was considered a suburban area of Frankfurt. The magnates of Frankfurt built their mansions and villas here. Later several tanneries were built on the territory of the town. The goods produced there were so quality and unique that … Read further
Cuisine of Gijon
Gijon is often called the birthplace of ice cream; it is believed that the popular refreshing treat has been served here for the first time. Locals have learned to make a delicious dessert of milk many hundreds of years ago, when there were no freezers and refrigerators. They used natural resources, such as snow and ice, to make ice cream. For many locals the production of ice cream has become a real family craft. There were no difficulties with cooking ice cream in winter; to be able to deal … Read further
Traditions and festivals in Karachi
Karachi is a city with a very interesting history that is full of events. It was the capital of independent Pakistan and lost this title only in the second half of the previous century. However, Karachi hasn’t lost its importance even nowadays. Currently, it is the center of an important administrative region. As many spheres of life are well-developed in Karachi, numerous people from smaller towns want to move to it, find a job in Karachi, and settle here. The process of urbanization is very … Read further
Losinj Island
Losinj Island cultural sights
Losiny, like many other islands of the Adriatic, was inhabited far back in Antiquity. The proof of this fact you can find not only in the collections of the local historical museums but also near the cities of Sveti Jakov and Cunski. It is there that you can see the remains of the first settlements that belonged to the Roman Empire. Time and weather conditions left only ruins of the majestic fortifications but the outlines of the buildings can be seen anyway. The city of Mali Losinj was … Read further
Maui attractions and entertainment
The island of Maui is a perfect place for beach recreation fans as well as for those admiring scenic areas for hiking and serenity of the wild nature. The coast area is entirely occupied with picturesque beaches which are considered to be the best in the world. The total mileage of the beaches of the island is over 60km. The most attracting area of the coast is considered to be the Kaanapali Beach. This beach has been continuously awarded for the highest eco safety and perfect recreating … Read further
Moorea for families and kids
Among Indian cities, Bombay is arguably the most shopping-friendly one, as it’s littered with various markets and shops full of exotic goods. Zaveri bazaar should definitely spark interest among wealthier tourists. The best jewelers of the city sell their products here, and every single of them seeks to attract customers with their exclusive jewelry. Many of the items presented here are unique and can’t found elsewhere in the world. That said, inexperienced tourists are advised to hire a … Read further
Male Atoll
Shopping in Male Atoll
North Male Atoll is probably the only place on the Maldives where you can actually do shopping in its true sense. There are almost no stores on «holiday islands», however, Malé – the capital – is perfect for people walking around shops looking for peculiar souvenirs, clothes, etc. So, do like the local population and go shopping in the night time when it’s already not that hot. Most stores work until 10 p.m., some of them even till 11 p.m. Besides, you can start your shopping as … Read further
Extreme and fun in Mallorca
Excursion on the Montgolfier. Illes Balears Ballooning Company operates in the North-Eastern part of Majorca. You can book a tour in a hot air balloon there. You will choose the appropriate date. The voyage will take place between 7 am and 9 am or between 4 pm and 8 pm. The trip will last 60 minutes. From 2 to 20 passengers will be next to you in the basket of the Montgolfier. You will get the opportunity to drink champagne. The locals call it Cava. You will see the island from a height of 500 … Read further

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